We build injection moulds ranging from 100-3500T and above.

We cater to Automotive and a miscellaneous Group of Industries with applications of Moulds ranging from Auto Exteriors, Auto Interiors and Technical Performance Parts. We also build Mould for other Consumer Discretionary Industries such as Home Appliances, Industrial, Electrical, Electronic and Medical Devices.

Having been a processor of polymers ourselves, we have a deeper understanding of plastic rheology and behaviour. We consider this as an advantage as a mould maker in designing and fabricating the moulds in order to deliver the right results for our customers.

Gas Assisted

Injection Compression Moulds

2k Moulds

Stack Moulds/Tandem Moulds

Thermoforming Moulds

We handle moulds using both techniques of FRP laying as well as aluminium alloy built for single sheet as well as twin sheet thermoforming applications ranging upto 6 mts sq. in surface area.


Moulding Services