• Oem: TOYOTA
  • Program: CRYSTA 2020
  • Project: Bumper Fascias & Exteriors
  • Bumper part size: 1791X657X740
  • Cycle time: Around 55 sec
  • Moulding weight: 34T
  • Product and Mould Challenges
    • VARIABLE PART THICKNESS ranging from 1.8mm TO 2.5mm
    • Expectation of low cycle time despite large size bumper surface area. (3600T injection machine)
    • Short TAT of 145 days to T1.
    • Casting Core Housing in moving half helped to reduce mould weight, mould height and cost.
    • Knock Out Ejection for large size part eliminating hydraulic cylinders thereby reducing cost and cycle time.
    • Air Assist Inserts in Core to avoid Sink Mark on components.
    • Sandwich Venting Inserts to avoid weld-line and avoid short fill of parts.
CONCURRENT Project Management

Through Early Vendor Involvement (EVI), our product design team participated in conducting product fesibility and part optimizations in conjuction with the customer to optimize final release of CAD.

As a parallel activity; conceputual mould design was completed before final release of CAD to facilitate early procurement planning activities.

Concurrent Project Management while aiming at a Right First Time culture, there by optimizing project lead time.